15 May 2011

Have your say: physically separated bike lanes in Toronto

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In the May issue of Cyclometer - the City of Toronto's newsletter about cycling - there is a call out for help on designing physically separated bike lanes in Toronto.  With the successful launch of BIXI bikes in Toronto and the recent publicity about a downtown network of separate lanes, it seems that the City is seriously considering creating some decent biking infrastructure. The call out reads as follows:
Share Your Cycle Track Design Insights
The City of Toronto is starting to consider options for physically separated bike lanes (Also known as "Cycle Tracks") in the downtown area.

You can help inform our research by contributing to the SteetsWiki Cycle Tracks web pages. You'll need to create a wikispaces account and join "SteetsWiki", which is usually approved within an hour or two, and then you can start to edit web pages. With your help we can find all the potential solutions for designing ideal Cycle Tracks.
This may be a great opportunity to ensure that the designers and planners at City hall have all the information they need to do a good job. So.... have your say!

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