23 March 2010

College Street Cycling Survey

The Toronto Cycling Committee put out a call today for participants in their upcoming College Street Cycling Survey. The City of Toronto is working with the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) and the Clean Air Partnership (CAP) to conduct this survey.

The purpose is to "evaluate cycling conditions on College Street before and after the installation of a new bicycle pavement marking application".

I'm not really sure what this "pavement marking application" is, but if it provides a safer bike lane on College Street then it's a welcome change. Last summer I would commute each day along College Street and although there is a painted line bike lane, with all of the traffic and cars and trucks, and the bike lane ending abruptly at certain spots, it was not the most enjoyable or safe experience.

Participants will be asked to complete an online survey about their experiences cycling on College Street between Lansdowne Avenue and Manning Avenue, during either morning or afternoon rush hour, Monday to Friday. The applicable dates are April 19 - May 3 and June 14 - June 18. Participants must be 18 years or older. Below is a map of the area.

If you want to sign up, send an email to bikeplan[at]toronto.ca with "College Street Survey" in the subject line and the following information: your name, preferred email address for correspondence, and what section of College Street you cycle on. For more information, click here.

The Toronto Cycling Committee is a branch of Transportation Services and is the Committee at City Hall responsible for advising City Council and various departments, etc. on the "design, development and delivery of bicycle policies, programs and facilities to promote and enhance cycling within the City of Toronto".

To get monthly information about the Cycling Committee you can sign up for their newsletter called Cyclometer, which is how I found out about this survey.

The City has worked with the TCAC and CAP before to produce reports on such things as bike lanes, on-street parking, and the effects on business in the Bloor/Annex neighbourhood. You can download a copy of this report here, and I'll be posting on some of those issues in further entries.

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