23 March 2010

In Style, Safety and Dignity

I just finished watching another great presentation, this time by Jan Gehl himself. Entitled People Cities = Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Cities = People Cities, Gehl's presentation was part of a public lecture series called International Dialogues: Architecture and Climate Change, which is put on in part by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

This presentation draws a connection between livable cities and sustainable cities, and argues that good urban planning and design can achieve the goals of a lively, attractive, safe, sustainable, and healthy city. Gehl takes the audience through infrastructure planning and design elements that encourage and invite pedestrians and cyclists and addresses the many benefits that this brings for cities and people.

The presentation is in four parts of roughly 15 minutes each. Many other excellent RIBA programs in this series can be found on gleeds.tv.

Without further ado... Part I

In the interest of saving my limited upload allotment, the other three parts can be found linked below.

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