05 July 2011

Save Jarvis Bike Lanes!

Ford has decided to ignore reason and economic sense by proposing to remove the Jarvis St. bike lanes.

We must stop him.

Here's how you can help.

The Toronto Cyclists Union has sent out an action alert and set up a website with helpful information:

1. Call and E-mail Rob Ford: 416-397-FORD/mayor_ford@toronto.ca
2. Call and E-mail your local Councillor
3. Sign our petition
4. Join our Save Jarvis! Team by contacting us at jarvis@bikeunion.to. We're looking for volunteers who can flyer the bike lane on week day mornings, gather testimonials, pictures, video and connect with cyclists who use the bike lane.
5. Attend the upcoming City Council meeting on July 12/13 where Councillors will be debating and voting on the Jarvis removal. Let's show City Hall that the community supports bike lanes on Jarvis Street. The more cyclists that attend the meeting, the better. Please plan on staying for as long as possible. We'll have a better idea of what day Jarvis Street will be debated on as the meeting date gets closer.

We need you to reach out to your network and help the bike union keep the flood waters rising. Share with every electronic friend until we beat this bad idea.
Join for Jarvis!
For background and more information take a look at the following links:
This debacle and the mess that is Rob Ford has even made it all the way to Denmark, and has been featured on Copenhagenize.

Like transit, priority neighbourhoods, and public housing, cycling in Toronto is under attack. It's time we stand up and fight back!

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  1. Hey do you have any pictures of the bike share program in Madison, Wisconsin?