13 May 2010

University Avenue Dedicated Bike Lane Voted Down by Mistake

City council voted last night 15-13 against the proposed dedicated bike lane on University Avenue which was planned as a pilot project this summer.

The City vote was was part of a larger vote to broaden the Bike Plan, which passed.

Councillor Paula Fletcher voted against the proposal by mistake. An attempt to have a re-vote failed because, apparently, the voting rules don't allow a re-vote when it would change the outcome of the final decision.

If Fletcher had voted as she intended, then there would have been a tie, which, in this case, because the vote on the proposal was an amendment to the larger vote on the Bike Plan, would have settled in favour of passing the proposal.

What a disaster.

Read all about it in the Globe and Star.

1 comment:

  1. What a shame. It would have been a great example of what can be done.