01 June 2010

Toronto Bike Month! (and more)

It's Toronto Bike Month!

True, biking is great all year round, but it is nice to have a month to promote cycling in the city.

There are lots of great events, workshops, etc. to take part in. NOW Magazine has a nice web page/calendar of events.

And, what a great poster to advertise the month. What I like most is the excellent bicycle choice: a Danish-style city bike!

Also this month in Toronto is Transport Futures annual summit on Leadership and Road Pricing. Looks interesting, but might be for the nerdy transportation enthusiast out there.

On Sunday, the Toronto Star ran an interesting piece in the Insight section about segregated bike lanes in France. While it is nice to see this kind of support for good cycling infrastructure, the article was strangely curious of this kind of bike lane design. Granted it's almost unheard of in Canada, it is all over the place in Europe (not to mention other places like South America - Bogota to be precise). The idea is simple and effective: reverse the bike lane and the parked cars. Parked cars become a buffer separating bikes from moving cars. Voila! 

Also, last Friday, mayor hopeful George Smitherman held a fundraiser where he spoke about his transportation priorities. Although he said he would halt new bikes lanes for the time being, he did give support to curbing bike lanes to make them physically separated from cars. Spacing has a nice roundup of the event.

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