08 July 2011

Bike Share Hits Madison Wisconsin

A good friend of mine has been living in Madison, WI the past year and has been loving the cycling culture there. He sent me this photo and others of the B-Cycle bikes that came to Madison this year.

Bike share programs have been springing up around the world in the past several years as people come to discover that cycling is the fastest, cheapest, and most fun way to get around a city. These public systems are great for tourists and for resident commuters.

Of course, Toronto got the BIXI bikes this year and recently saw it's 100,000th ride! Expansion is in the air, for sure.

BIXI was not the first bike share program to hit Toronto though. Toronto's Community Bicycle Network ran a bike share program several years ago.

Here's another photo from Madison:

So, a round of applause for the good folks of Madison!

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